The Garden Game – a Math Game for Kids!

The Garden Game is an easy, noncompetitive math game that is fun for spring. It teaches counting with one to one correspondence, numeral recognition, turn-taking, game and social skills. It is extremely easy and frugal to make.

Supplies needed for the Garden Game:

  • Foam garden pieces – I found these at Walmart:The Garden Game - math for kids
  • This garden printable: Garden Game Board
  • The game ‘board’ can be slipped into a page protector so that it is a little bit more sturdy.
  • Dice, number cards, or you can make dice cards like these. Foam dice can be found in the dollar store.

The Garden Game from Creative Connections for Kids


How to play the Garden Game:

1) Pick a number card or roll the die.

2) State the number on the card or count the dots

3) Put that number of garden flowers and critters onto the garden printable.

4) The game is over when there are no more pieces to place on the boards or the players are finished.

5) This game can be played with one child or more, just print a ‘garden’ for each child.

6) Another option is to have your child tell you about his or her garden.

The Garden Game can be placed in a busy bag. It also makes a wonderful activity for a math learning center.


Have fun playing the Garden Game together!


Painting Easter Eggs with Tissue Paper

This year we are decorating easter eggs by painting them with tissue paper. The effect is soft, gentle, and so pretty.  It requires basic supplies that most of us have on hand.

Tissue Paper painted Easter Eggs, so pretty on Creative Connections for Kids

Now, it is important to be aware that all tissue paper is not the same. For this activity you want tissue paper that “bleeds”. If it is the kind of tissue paper that bleeds, it also stains. Please take precautions to protect surfaces, clothing, and etc. Some tissue paper is colorfast and doesn’t work.  I had both types stashed in my drawer and learned from trial and error that some just doesn’t work.

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Baby Play with Strips of Fabric

Baby Play - Pull fabric strips from a wipe box Last night our 6 month old grandbaby, Ruby, stopped by for a visit. Baby play is so simple and uncomplicated, and on this evening we played with strips of fabric The simplest items for play are truly the best. I had cut some strips from fat quarters of fabric, then pinked the edges with pinking shears. We stuffed these into a wipes box for her to pull from the box.

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Tissue Paper Sensory Box – Let’s Cut!

This sensory box is cheap and fun, and is in cool wintry colors.  Your preschoolers can help make it by cutting up the paper, perfect for scissor skills. I used old blue tissue paper and happened to have some silver tinsel for gift bags which had a “Frozen” feel.  Sensory play is important!  You can learn more about it at this post on the importance of sensory play.


Sensory Box - Tissue Paper

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Mittens…a winter craft for kids!



Mittens - easy toddler craftIt is mitten season! This is a quick and easy craft that even toddlers can make. Choose favorite colors and stickers to decorate these simple mittens. Read a mitten story for a literacy connection too!

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