Easter Egg Bunnies

These crafty little Easter bunnies are adorable and a fun project for older kids.  First, this is not the typical project I  usually like to share since it is not open-ended. But it is so high on the cute factor, that we’re going to do it!

Supplies needed for the Easter bunnies:

  • 1/2 inch glue dots or liquid glue. I found that the glue dots work best.
  • large plastic eggs
  • large buttons – These were purchased at Walmart in the craft section
  • a feather boa – or some other fuzzy material
  • craft foam sheets or cardstock – for the ears
  • Easter grass – I used  green paper gift sack filler that I had on hand.

Make the Bunny

First, take one plastic egg half and add a large button to the bottom using a glue dot so it will stand.

Easter Egg Bunnies - add a glue dot.jpg


Then either drizzle white elmers glue in the egg or line the edge at the top with glue dots.

White glue in an egg…

Glue in the Easter Egg Bunnies

This one shows the glue dots on upper edge. I love glue dots and they are fast becoming a “go to” glue option. I like them because they are really sticky, they don’t burn, and they don’t have to dry…

Glue Dots on the Easter Egg bunnies.jpg


Add the grass and press into the glue dots. It is a bit more tricky if you’ve used white glue, because it will need some drying time.

Easter Egg Bunnies- adding grass.jpg


Cut a piece off of the feather boa about 4 inches long. Wrap it around your fingers, put it into the center of the grass and fluff it a bit. Press just a bit of the boa in the glue. It is important to have a little circle in the middle so that there will be a place for the ears.

Easter Egg Bunnies - furr.jpg


I cut bunny ears from craft foam, there isn’t a pattern. Just wing it! It will be okay!

Easter Egg Bunnies-adding the ears.jpg

Once you get them cut, add a drop of glue or a glue dot and stick them into the boa. Press a bit of the boa into the glue on the ears for stability.

Easter Bunny Eggs - so cute!

Have fun making Easter Egg Bunnies together! It can definitely be a team project. :)


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