The reason for the season…

Sometimes it is very difficult to find a book that teaches a biblical story in a simple manner. “Who is Coming to Our House” by Joseph Slate is a book that does just that.

It describes the Christmas story from the perspective of the animals in the stable as they prepare for the arrival of their special guests.

It has a rhyming text that includes words that will stretch a preschooler’s vocabulary.

The main theme in the story is the coming of Mary and Joseph to the stable. However, where there are animals there are animal sounds, and I can never pass the opportunity to say, “What do cows say?” These middle eastern barn animals are very special because they work together to prepare their house for company.

You and your child can talk about…

The special guests that will visit  your house during the Christmas season.

What will you do to prepare for them?

Include your children in the preparations of the Christmas celebrations. Help them learn that Christmas is not just about receiving gifts but it is also about serving others. They can help ‘sign’ Christmas cards, bake cookies for lonely neighbors, and do simple chores around the house.

Please take a moment to enjoy this delightful rendition of the Christmas story with your child.

Here is a link to this story at Amazon:

Merry Christmas!

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