A Grandma Connects!

Today a fellow educator, friend, and most importantly a grandmother to two very young children and one on the way, described to me how she is using the activities from Creative Connections for Kids.

1) She reads the blog. :)

2) Being a teacher, she has several of the books that are mentioned and sometimes has more than one copy. Teachers love books! (Books can also be purchased used on Amazon.)

3) She purchases the prepaid mailing envelopes or boxes at the post office; gathers the book, supplies and mails the activity to her granddaughter.  Her granddaughter (who is around two years) happily recognizes that the packages are from Grandma when they arrive.

I love how she is staying connected to her grandkids!

That is the point of this blog, connecting with the little people in your life: your children, your grandchildren, the kids you babysit, your nieces, nephews, friends, and neighbor’s kids.

Grandparents ~ Today it is likely that you do not live near your children and grandchildren. I encourage you to make the effort to develop and maintain a relationship with your grandchildren. Take a moment to pick up the phone and call them, text them, send them a card, email them, Facebook them (We know some of you are on Facebook!) or send them a package of goodies like Sue. It is up to you to begin and maintain the effort. I encourage you to take initiative.

Grandparents sometimes say, “I don’t know what to say”. Ask them questions about their life and what they are doing. When grandkids are older, grandparents say, “I don’t want to bother them.” If you don’t ‘bother them’ every few weeks it can be misinterpreted that you don’t care. Just a few minutes on the phone to ask them what is happening in their life shows concern and caring for them.

Our world is complex, and often our family relationships are complex and difficult. I understand. But again, I encourage you to connect with the children in your life.

Sue ~ Thank you for sharing your story with me and with others!

My wonderful daughter and awesome grandmother…connecting!

4 comments to A Grandma Connects!

  • Cute idea, now how can I force grandma to do it. I can just show her this blog or imply that it would be nice if she connected with her grandkids… politely as possible.

  • I don’t think you can force grandma to do it. I think the strategy that you mentioned is about all you can do. Hopefully, this will encourage those who are slightly reluctant to forge ahead and give it go.

  • Beautiful thoughts and LOVED the picture of your daughter bonding with her grandma. I can now see why you said on my blog post – “I so loved the pictures of your mother. As a child, I spent much time with my wonderful grandmother. She is now 97, and I cherish every memory.” Thank you for such a thoughtful article. I love your writings, too.