A ‘HUG’ for Valentines Day

HUG by Jez Alborough is a new favorite children’s book for Valentines Day.

It has few words which lends to keeping the story very simple or expanding it for older children. You can talk about jungle animals, families, friendship, helping others, sadness, loneliness, and joy! It is the story of a little monkey noticing the love shared between other jungle babies and their parents.

As he continues his journey he becomes distraught and upset when he realizes that he is alone.

But rest assured the story has a happy ending.

After reading this story you can discuss Valentines Day and how this is special day to express your love and appreciation for family and friends.

For my younger children we made a Valentine by spreading Elmer’s liquid glue with a q-tip, then placed tissue paper squares on a heart.

Older children dictated an “I love you” message to family members, others drew pictures, and wrote their name.

We also completed sorting, graphing, and counting activities using candy conversation hearts and print-ables from Teaching Tiny Tots.com. These activities are wonderful.

Happy Valentines Day!

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