“Little Blue Truck” ~ with cars, dinosaurs and a John Deere tractor!

Little Blue Truck

I recently discovered Little Blue Truck by Alice Shertle, with illustrations by Jill McElmurry.

It is a fun story. It has a cute main character,

farm animal sounds,

…adorable illustrations, rhyming words, and more animal sounds…

But best of all, it is a story of friendship and helping others.

I plan to use this book and incorporate dramatic play with cars, animals, blocks, boxes, and toys.

Match box cars were recently on sale at Walmart for dollar each, a great find!

I used a small blanket, blue painters tape, duct tape, scissors, a wrapping paper tube, and a variety of toys that I have used over the years to make a portable community.

Blocks can be stacked to create buildings and various constructions.

Your children can use whatever action figures they have to create action in their play.

Clean up is easy. Just toss the toys in a box and roll up the blanket and you are ready to go!

Another option:

For a more washable version, I have decided to use an 8 foot vinyl table cloth, fold it in half, then sew or hot glue the edges together. This gives a smooth surface on both sides that can easily be cleaned with a disinfectant wipe. We can then use dry erase markers to draw rivers, buildings, woods, and etc. on the surface. The possibilities are endless!

Have fun together!

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