Super Spider!

A most favorite activity is this pipe cleaner spider. It is super duper simple, but my kiddos absolutely love it!

All you need are four long pipe cleaners (chenille wires) and one short one.

First, take the short one, make a loop and twist it so that it holds. Then, at about half way, twist together pairs of the long pipe cleaners. Have your child do the twisting for fine motor development.

Place the loop on the legs and twist to secure

Once all body parts are secure, shape them into a spider. This one is similar to the grand-daddy long legs that we see frequently in our neck-of-the-woods.

There are many creative and educational options. The spider can be any color. It can have short or long legs. The body can be larger or smaller. It can be associated with a science lesson on spiders by researching and discussing their habitat, webs, and food.  Are You a Spider? by Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries is a simple non-fiction read for young children that describes basic characteristics of spiders. Reading the Very Busy Spider is another delightful literacy connection.

Making the spider is just a fraction of the fun. The real fun is playing with it. It can be formed it into various shapes.  Children can engage in pretend play by having it climb onto furniture, up the curtains, onto cabinets, and around table legs. They love having it climb up there arms and onto their head. Scaring their mother is the best!

Have fun together!

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