Jack-O-Lantern Cups

These little dessert cups are super simple and kid friendly to make. We made them to serve nearly 125 people at our Turkey Fest last year. They were a big hit. I’ve posted this recipe before, so if it seems familiar it is!

We are going to make a a no-bake pie and a few jack-o-lantern cups.


1 large can pumpkin pie mix (found by the canned pumpkin)

1 small instant vanilla pudding

1 can sweetened condensed milk

1 tub of whipped topping (cool whip)

graham crackers and or a graham cracker crust

Clear cups (shown are plastic punch cups) and permanent markers

Mix together the pumpkin pie mix, pudding…

and the sweetened condensed milk

This is when I discovered I needed a bigger bowl!  Next fold in the whipped topping:

The whipped topping really mutes the wonderful orange color of the pumpkin. If you want a deeper orange color I suggest that you use half of the container of whipped topping. I used the entire container then added some yellow and red food coloring because I wanted more color in the cups.

To prep the Jack-o-Lantern Cups, use a marker to create your jack-o-lantern design or any other design for the matter:

Put a a graham cracker into a plastic bag…

Crush it! This is great for fine motor skills. Pour it into the bottom of the cup.

Pour the pumpkin mixture into the cup and top with a graham cracker ‘stem’.

For the pie pour the mixture into the pie shell.

Chill them both to set the filling, then serve.

As mentioned, to make a more colorful filling cut back on the cool whip. That’s what I plan to do the next time. :)

Have fun cooking together!


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