“Press Here” ~ An Action Story!

I was delighted to spend last weekend with my daughter and mother. Our time together usually includes a trip to Barnes and Noble where Lydia said, “Mom, look at this cool book.”

As she began to read I said, “I’m bored already.”  To which she replied, “Mom! You have to DO IT!!”

I did it and it IS a cool book!

It is “Press Here” by Herve’ Tullet.

It begins by instructing the reader to ‘press here’ on the yellow dot.

You turn the page and it magically becomes two:

When you press the yellow dot again, it turns red. As you follow the instructions in the book, the number of dots increase, they change positions, color, and develop into patterns…until you shake the book and they look like this:

Tilting the book causes them to slide to the side:

Clapping your hands makes them increase in size:

As you can see it is clever, unique, and quite magical!

It is full of concepts: colors, size, position, left/right, patterning, cause and effect.

It is cool!

Story Extension 1

You can extend the story by doing some dot painting.

You need: paper, paint and sponge tip bottles or you can use fingertips to make the dots.

Story Extension 2:

You can use marbles to experiment with the action of the story.

You need: a tray, marbles, paper towel tube, and any tape (masking, duct, painters, or packing tape)

First, just have your child experiment with the marbles and the tray. Tilting the tray causes all kinds of action that can actually be a little tricky to control:

Next cut up a paper towel tube and tape the pieces to the tray and try to get the marbles to go through the tubes:

It is great fun and action! So much so that I lost control while I was taking photos and dropped it over the edge of the banister of our deck. Sometimes you need three or four hands. :)

This activity is only limited by ones imagination! You can make ramps, drops, and curves using cardboard or cardstock. Just go for it!

Click here to purchase “Press Here” from Amazon.

Have a great time reading, experimenting, and learning together!

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