Valentine Art for Toddlers Too!

Do you need a simple, quick valentine creation that anyone can make? Create this cute Valentine using finger paint! It is for you!

To create this little Valentine art need:

  • finger paint
  • paper
  • scissors
  • markers or crayons

If you are painting with toddlers you might consider using CCK’s edible finger paint recipe. This is just plain old non-toxic paint from a bottle:

Paint! Your child’s art won’t look like this and that is wonderful! Let them create their own design.

Once it is completely dry cut a heart from the paper; an older child can do this themselves:

Have your child draw or write their valentine message on the back:

Turn it over and enjoy their creative endeavor.

Who wouldn’t love to receive a custom design from a little person?

Finger painting is a wonderful sensory activity that supports fine motor development. Don’t let the mess intimidate you! I love to use trays that I have purchased from the dollar store to help contain the paint and define a work space. I also use vinyl table cloths under the trays for added coverage. Clearly defining limits and maintaining them is very helpful. For example: “The paint stays on the paper”; “We are going to work at the table” and etc.

Have fun creating a your valentine art together!


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