Weather in Jar

This is a weather observation activity and a blog hop! We are going to create a little atmosphere in a jar.

You need:

  • A large jar, plastic would be safer
  • water
  • thermometer
  • dirt
  • grass seed
  • egg carton
  • sunshine (and temps above freezing)

The objective is for children to observe the changes that happen inside the jar.

Part 1

Take the temperature outside of the jar. Write down the number.

Put the thermometer inside the jar, put the lid on it, and set it in the sun.

Check the temperature again, record it and compare the numbers. More importantly, have your child feel how warm the inside of the jar feels. You can discuss how the sun warms the earth and is an essential key for growing plants.

Part 2

Make a little farm by putting some dirt in a egg carton, and sprinkle it with seeds. These are grass seeds:

Pour on some water…

You can cut the ends out of the top of the egg carton, then place it under the jar to keep it from rolling around. Place the lid on the jar, then put in the sunshine.

Step away from the jar for a few days. If you place it outside be sure your temperatures are above freezing.

It will grow into a fresh and fabulous bright green garden! Notice how the sun has warmed the jar and condensation has developed. You can describe to your child that clouds and rain develop in a similar way.

Place your hands in the jar. It is warm, moist and feels like a spring day!

Have fun exploring weather together!

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