Colorful Ice Play

It is hot across many areas of the USA. Which means it is a perfect time for ice play.

I found some plastic punch cups as I was cleaning out a cabinet that made good ice molds. You could also use muffin tins, paper cups, plastic ups, candy molds…whatever you have on hand.

How to:

Mix food coloring and water in the cup:

I placed the cups on a small baking sheet and popped them into the freezer:

A few hours later, they are ready to use. Easy, breezy!

What can you do with these colorful little ice disks?

Here are 11 ideas that popped into my mind. Please leave your ideas or links in the comments below if you have blogged about ice play and I’ll add your links. I would love to hear from you!

  1. Hammer them with a hammer (use eye protection)
  2. Build with them
  3. Play hockey using brooms
  4. Pour salt on them and watch them melt
  5. Compare melting time: place one in the house and one outside, time the melting. Which one melts faster?
  6. Use them to paint on fabric or paper
  7. Place two colors into a container and watch them melt together, and change color
  8. Place them in a tub of water or wading pool and they can become boats and ships on the sea
  9. Put them on a cookie sheet, slant the cookie sheet back and forth and watch them slide
  10. Make a ramp with a cookie sheet and slide them down the ramp
  11. Place them in a bowl with bubbles and stir them up; watch the bubbles change colors.

Your imagination and creativity is the only limit. :)

Have fun beating the heat during this sizzling summer season!

Safety first: Please supervise children during water play.


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