Wave ~ A Sizzling Summer Read

“Wave” by Suzy Lee is a great summer read for all ages.

It is a wordless book about a little girl visiting the beach. You can create a simple story for your young preschoolers, but older children can create their own story. This book provides the opportunity to share and discuss emotions and confidence.

First the little girl is a little intimidated by the waves…

…but she gains confidence!

Until. The wave catches her!

I can assure you the story has a happy ending!

Connect to the story:

To connect to the story you and your child can explore waves by pouring water into a container and swishing it back and forth. This water has a couple of drops of food coloring to help it show up in photographs. But adding food coloring and watching it mix into the water is another way to explore and extend the learning.

Explore waves in the swimming pool, lake, and ocean as well. Use your local resources. :)

The illustrations are wonderful and simple. It is easy to replicate the techniques to create waves on your paper at home. By using brush strokes, spatter painting, and dribbling blue and white paint you can make your own waves.



Wave by Suzie Lee


I purchased “Wave” used on Amazon. You can find it at this link:

Have fun reading and exploring about waves together!

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