PVC Pipe Play

One of our local home improvement stores is having a going out of business sale. I bought some PVC pipe at a great price for toddler play. You may not be comfortable letting small children play with this product and that is fine. In Missouri, this material can be found in state accredited preschool classrooms. So again, please choose what is best for your child. You may choose another material for the activities as another option. But if you don’t like PVC, please just click away.

Soak off the labels and wash the pieces thoroughly. Check for rough edges too.

For stringing, use a paper punch to cut a hole into a straw to create a ‘needle’. You will need a fairly thick straw. You can also create a ‘needle’ using a pipe cleaner (chenille stem) by twisting a loop into one end.

Tie one piece of the pipe to the end of the yarn so that pipe won’t immediately fall off, and you’re ready to string the pieces onto the yarn:

Use the pipe pieces for filling containers and dumping:

Nest them into muffin tins. This is jumbo size muffin tin, so the pieces look  small, but they really aren’t.

Build and stack:

I will probably go back to purchase more pieces so that my kids can build with them by twisting and turning the pieces together.  Pendulum play is another way to play with PVC pipe too.

These play activities are simple activities to help young children learn cause and effect, develop fine motor skills, focus, attention to task, and spatial reasoning.

Have fun playing and experimenting together!


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