Crayon & Watercolor Valentine Cards

We are creating valentine messages, art, and cards using watercolor and crayons! These make unique and colorful gifts for family members and friends. Even your toddlers can create a valentine card!

You need:

  • Heavy paper ¬†(watercolor paper would be ideal, but isn’t a must)
  • watercolor paint
  • paint brush or sponge paint brush
  • crayons
  • water

First, have your child draw a picture or write the message. A toddler or early preschooler may want to draw the picture and then dictate a message for you to write.

Once the picture is finished, dip your brush into the water and watercolor paint using plenty of water and spread it across the paper. It makes a cheerful kaleidoscope of color across the page. The paper can dry and colors can be layered. The imagination is the only limit!


  • Orange tends to make the colors turn brownish
  • We tried not to get the colors to mixed together in the palette, as it tended to make a gray or brown shade.
  • That being said, your child may be perfectly happy with a brown product and that is okay too!
  • A small sponge brush worked best for us
  • Use a heavy paper. A watercolor paper would probably be best. Our final products turned out a little warped and wrinkled but most grandma’s aren’t really going to care. :)

Fingerprints can be added too:

What we learned:

  • This activity is great for fine motor development
  • Color theory is easy when you can stir and mix colors together
  • Science: cause and effect, water changes paper and color
  • Water and color make unique and colorful transformations
  • Children learn that it is important to share their love and appreciation with others through notes and gifts

Have fun creating valentines together!

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1 comment to Crayon & Watercolor Valentine Cards

  • It’s all about the process not the product! I’m sure my kids will make theirs brown and sloppy, but I just let them go! Thanks for this idea!