How Many Hearts? (A Valentine Math Game)

This a valentine game for preschoolers. It is simple and easy to set up. It can be competitive or non-competitive. It can be played by a single child or you can have multiple game boards for a group. This little Valentine’s Day game will teach your little person basic math concepts too.

Get ready to play:

  • Make a game board by drawing a heart on a piece of construction paper.  There are also free heart printables all over the internet that work well too.
  • You need a die or number cards ~ If you have a child that is younger, you may want them to have dots so that they have a visual to count.
  • Gather a bunch of foam hearts ~ these were purchased at Walmart.

To play this Valentine Math Game:

  • Place a handful of foam hearts on to the game board
  • Roll the die (or draw a number card)
  • Remove that number of hearts off of the board.
  • The game is over when there are no more little hearts on the board.

Tips for playing this math game:

  • This game can be played in a group with each child having their own heart
  • The game can be played individually as well
  • The “game board” can be slipped into a page protector so that it can be used again and again

Have fun celebrating the season of love and kindess while counting together. :)

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