Name Games

My parents are frequently looking for ways to help their children learn to spell and write their name.  We find these simple activities to be helpful. They work easily in the home or the classroom.

Name Games: Magnetic Name Card

You need:


  1. The child’s name printed on cardstock
  2. Magnetic sheets or other magnets
  3. Packing tape (to be the laminator)

All you do is print your child’s name on cardstock. Cut off the excess paper, then cover it with clear packing tape to quickly laminate it:

Stick or glue the magnetic sheet onto the back of the name tag.  Place it on the fridge or other handy surface so that it easy to see and access.

How to use the magnetic name card:

  1. Use the card as a model anytime they want to write their name.
  2. If you make name cards for other family members, let your child pick her name from the group
  3. Point to and name the letters
  4. Count the letters

The Name Puzzle

How to:

Print the child’s name in a large font across a piece of cardstock:

Print their name again with space between the letters:

Cut these letters into individual letters or puzzle pieces:

Use the first name as a model, and have your child put the letters in order to create their name:

To extend the activity:

  1. Name the letters
  2. Discuss the sounds that each letter makes to make the letter-sound correspondence connections
  3. Think of other words that begin with each of the letters
  4. Find the letters in environmental print around the house (books, boxes, magazines, labels, signs…)
  5. Put the letters in the correct order without using the model! Yay!

How do you help your children or students learn to write and spell their name?

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