Balloon Hockey

Balloon Hockey is a game that gets the kids moving and is perfect for a winter day. Just a few items are needed for fun and invigorating play!

You need:

  • Balloons (please monitor for safety)
  • A long cardboard tube for each child playing; the one shown is from wrapping paper
  • A piece of cardboard for each tube that is approximately 8 by 6 inches, or however big you think it needs to be
  • Tape – optional, packing tape is shown
  • Large box, basket, or anything that will act as the goal

To make the hockey stick, cut two slits, approximately 3 inches long, down the sides of the paper tube:

Slide the piece of card board into the slits:

I put a couple of strips of packing tape along the bottom of the cardboard to make it a bit more sturdy.

Update: I’ve been using this at work and also put a strip of tape across the tube on both sides to secure it to the cardboard.

How to play balloon hockey:

Smack the balloons to get them into the goal (which is the box, basket, or bag).


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