Colorful Snow Sculpture

Creating colorful snow sculptures is amazingly easy, fun, creative, and full of learning.

Here we go! We need:

  • Snow
  • Food coloring (This is the cheap, Walmart brand, liquid food coloring. We used a lot of it. )
  • Tools: a small ice scoop, melon baller, turkey baster, rectangular stick crisco container, trays, laundry soap lids or anything else around the house that looks like fun…

We had unexpected snow last night so we brought it inside and poured it onto a tray…

…and mixed water and food coloring.

Then we squirted it on the snow using the turkey baster:

We packed snow into a container (laundry detergent lid) and poured the colored water over it too:

It was amazing to see how the colors swirled together and the formations that were made:

We took this all back outside and the sunlight made the colors pop!

The containers (rectangles are from crisco sticks)  were turned over to create blocks or cylinders. We also used an ice cream scoop to make balls. The imagination is the only limit!

After playing and creating sculptures we crushed them!

What can kids learn from creating snow sculptures?

Color theory, cause and effect, physics, fine motor, physical science, sensory integration are just a beginning.

If you are in the southern hemisphere or a warm climate you might enjoy this post:  Water Science with Everyday Objects.

Have fun creating colorful snow sculptures together!

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