On-the-go Word Games

Many of us are on the go and are commuting with kids in tow. Car time is a perfect time for simple language games. These little word games are fantastic for language development, perfect for conversation, and for connecting with kids too. As simple as they are, they will enhance your child’s language development.

Thinking About Words

Create categories:

  1. Pick a category such food, animals, fruits, vegetables, clothing, sports, things that go, games and etc.
  2. Say something like “Let’s name all of our favorite foods.” You can join in the fun too!

Word Questions:

Ask questions that define an object’s attributes. To teach the game or process, begin by picking words that you are sure your child can relate to, then increase the difficulty by adding words that you know will challenge them just a little bit more. They may think of words that answer your questions, but aren’t the target, and that is fine.

Here are a few examples:

What has wings and flies?
What is sweet and cold?
What is hot and bright in the sky?
What has two wheels and peddles?
What cuts the grass?

Ask description questions:

What are roots?
Describe a train?
Tell me two things about a ball?
Tell me two things you know about ice cream?
Describe your favorite thing to eat?

Again, as simple as they may seem, these little games enhance language development!

Have fun talking to together.

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