Mod Podge Easter Eggs

These beautiful easter eggs are created with Modge Podge and tissue paper. That’s all! This is an easy easter idea that even your young preschoolers will enjoy.

You need:

  • Mod Podge
  • boiled eggs or blown eggs
  • tissue paper cut into various shapes; for younger children use larger shapes. I purchased this tissue paper at Walmart.
  • sponge brush or paint brush

How to:

Spread on the Mod Podge, place on the tissue paper, spread more Modge Podge on top of the paper. Just keep adding paper and applying the Mod Podge. A lid can be used to help contain the egg:

If a lid isn’t available an egg carton works just as well. It also is a great place to set the eggs as they dry. As they dry they tend to stick to whatever they are sitting on so rotate them every now and then:

These are very easy to make. This idea isn’t original and can be found all over the internet.  If you have a post feel free to share the link.

Hope you all have fun celebrating Easter together!

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