Body Count ~ An on-the-go math game


Body Count - an on-the-go math game for kids

This little non-competative counting game is amazingly simple and requires no objects. It teaches counting with one-to-one correspondence and cardinality. It is perfect for the kinesthetic learner who needs to move. Plus it is suports motor development. It can be played practicially anywhere and can be easily adapted to your child’s learning level. This math game is called “Body Count”.

Here we go!

How to Play

Body Count can be played with one child or a group of children can take turns. Ask your child to answer the following questions or complete the tasks. The level of difficulty can be increased by increasing the numbers or increasing the difficulty of the question or task. The following examples are “somewhat” listed from easy to more difficult:

  1. Blink your eyes 3 times
  2. Pat your head 5 times
  3. Clap your hands 1 time then jump 2 times
  4. How many hands are in the room?
  5. Turn around 2 times.
  6. Open and shut your mouth 4 times
  7. Stand on one foot for 6 secondes
  8. How many fingers are in the room?
  9. Tug your left ear 8 times, then tug your right ear 2 times
  10. Touch each finger to your thumbs and count the touches
  11. Shrug your shoulders 9 times.
  12. March in place 14 times
  13. Click your tongue 5 times
  14. How many knees and feet are in the room?
  15. Hiss like a snake for 10 seconds
  16. Shake another’s player hand 6 times
  17. Take 5 steps and do jazz hands at the same time
  18. Tap your shoulders 4 times then touch your toes 8 times
  19. Touch your elbow to your knee alternating, 4 times
  20. How many belly buttons are in the room?
  21. Hop on one foot 7 times
  22. Blow 5 kisses
  23. How many thumbs and ears are in the room?
  24. Twirl like a ballerina 3 times
  25. Shake hands with the other players and say, “Good Game!”
  26. Fellow players reply, “Thanks for playing!”


Kids and adults can create their own directions and kids can direct other kids as well. It can become as simple or as complex as needed.

Have fun counting together!


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