Water Target Play


Water Target play

Is it exceptionally hot where you live? Water play is refreshing when the temperatures soar. This activity is a combination of science, physics, motor skills, cause and effect, and fun. Plus it is beyond simple. We had a great time with water target play!

Items needed:

::: A tub or container of water

The one shown is a plastic tub purchased at target. I love it because kids can see under the water or layers of sand if used for sensory play. But you can use any plastic tub or a wading pool as well. 

::: Small containers and toys to ‘float’ on the top

We used a rubber duck and plastic frog plus plastic shot cups from Walmart. Other items could be plastic cups, toy boats, laundry detergent lids, and etc.

::: A water gun or empty dish detergent bottle…anything that will squirt water!

What to do:

Toss the toys into the water…

Water Play

Squirt them until….

Water target play for sink and float

…they sink! Then reach in and bring them back to the top.

Water Target Play float and sink

Rich and descriptive words that you can model when playing could be: squirt, sink, drenched, splash, dripping, plunge, dive, shower, waves, and many more.


It only takes a small amount of water for a child to drown. Supervision is a must for this activity.

Have fun splashing, squirting, learning, and playing together!


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