Playing with Paint

Play with paint


We are going to play with paint. This differs from painting because a solid surface is used rather than paper. The purpose of the activitiy isn’t to create a product. The goal is  to experiment with manipulating a fairly large amount of paint, experience the textures, and play with color theory. In this post the utensils used were a pastry brush and scrapper found in the dollar bins at Target. 

Supplies Needed

Paint: I used various kinds of paint to empty some bottles, but any can be used. This edible fingerpaint recipe would be perfect.

Utensils: anything such as pastry brush, scrapper, paint brushes, whatever you think would be fun

A solid surface: a plastic tray, white board, cookie sheet,

Playing with Paint

Squirt on the paint and play!

The color and texture is fabulous.

Playing with paint and color


This activity supports fine motor development, cause and effect, creativity…

Play with paint!


Clean-up was easy. Use the scraper to scrap the paint together and wash it down the drain.

Playing with paint together


It is so simple. Have fun connecting and creating with your kids!



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