DIY No-Sew Wings

DIY No-Sew Wings from Creative Connections for Kids

With Halloween just around the corner and Christmas quickly approaching, your little angel or fairy princess may need DIY no sew wings to make their costume spectacular. I found this video tutorial for inspiration and here are our tips to make DIY costume wings.

Supplies needed:

  • Plastic coated wire, it must be able to be bent but strong
  • Tulle (any light weight tulle and any color that suits your angel or fairy princess such as pink, green, purple)
  • Wide ribbon for the harness
  • Heavy tape such as duct tape
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters

Optional decorative touches that can be added to make them more festive:

  • Shiney ribbon
  • Various colors of tulle
  • Tulle with a shimmer glitter

I found this wire at a local hardware store.  It is coated in plastic, bendable but heavy. Cut the wire. The amount of wire depends on the size of the wings you want to create. Little Tinkerbells will need much smaller wings. This is about a yard of wire bent in half:

DIY wings - fold wire

Make two loops on each side of the wire approximately 3 inches above the bend. This is where the ribbon fits for the harness. To make the harness, we placed two loops of ribbon through the holes. Slide arms through the ribbon loops to secure the wings on to the back.

DIY wings - make harness loops

The full frame looks like this…

DIY wings - make loops on the ends


At the end of the frames make a loop so that there is a smooth edge and not just a pointy piece of wire. Cover it in duct tape.

DIY Wings - tape the ends

All of the wire frame can be covered in the tape using the color of your choice. There are many options, but I’m leaving my green.

To cut the tulle, I rolled it then cut it with scissors. The pieces are 4-5 inches wide and are 45 inches long.

DIY Wings - cutting the tulle


Remember all of the no-sew tutus? That is how you add the tulle to the wire. Create a loop, then pulll the ends through the loop until tight. I’m showing you with ribbon because it is difficut to get the tulle to show up on camera.

DIY wings - tulle looping

The time consuming part is filling the wings with tulle. This takes a while, but so worth it!

DIY Wings - adding the tulle to the frame


Once the wires are full of tulle, straighten and fluff them to create brilliant wings!

DIY No-Sew Wings from Creative Connections for Kids 

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2 comments to DIY No-Sew Wings

  • Kristen

    These are super cool! Do you know approximately how much tulle you used on one set? I’m thinking of redoing our church’s angel costumes…if its in the budget!

    • Kristen, It totally depends on the size of the wings. This small set used approximately a 1/3 to 1/2 of a bolt of tulle. We made a set for an adult and used over a bolt of tulle, but they were very large and long.