Play Dough Monsters

Crazy play dough monsters for HalloweenPlay dough monsters can be whipped up in no time and work well as a Halloween party activity. The supplies are minimal and play dough is cheap to make.

We used:

  • Play Dough  – a wonderful recipe is here
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors to cut the pipe cleaners
  • Wiggle eyes
  • Anything else around the house that your kids think will make the monsters cool.


Monster - supplies

Make your play dough. I used a lot of wilson gel food coloring to make these colors vivid.  Play and create!

Play Dough Monsters - Creative Connections for Kids

Play dough play enhances creativity, fine motor skills, and pretend play. Letting them help you make the play dough helps them learn to follow a recipe, and supports early literacy. Measuring the ingredients supports math skills.  They learn about colors and color theory. As they squish, roll, poke, and cut play dough their fingers become stronger. And they can experiment with cause and effect.

Monsters from play dough for Halloween

These crazy little play dough creations are wonderful conversation starters. Kids love to talk about their ideas and can engage in make believe play.

Monsters! Play dough, wiggle eyes, pipe cleaners

Children use symbolic play as the lump of play dough becomes something else in their mind and in their play.

So if you have play dough at your Halloween party, don’t think that the kids are JUST playing with play dough.

They are learning, creating, and exploring a medium that is forever fantastic!

PS: Please, please let them mix the colors!!!

Thank you. :)

Play Dough Monsters, great activity for parties;  from Creative Connections for Kids #playdough

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