Icicle Christmas Tree Ornaments

Most parents love hand-made Christmas tree ornaments created by their kids. These little icicle ornaments are easy, cheap to make, and look pretty classy too.

Supplies for the icicle ornaments:

  • Clear beads – I found these at Walmart
  • Clear fuzzy stems – also called pipe cleaners and again found at Walmart

Christmas Tree Icicle ornaments - beads and pipe cleaners


Make a small loop on the end of the stem to keep the beads from falling off:

Christmas tree ornament with beads and pipe cleaners


String the beads:

Icicle Christmas Tree ornaments


Make another loop on the other end for hanging.

To make ours curl we wrapped them around a wooden spoon, but they can be straight or made into any shape:


Icicle Christmas Tree Ornaments


What are kids learning?

First you are connecting with your kids and making a memory! Plus they are developing their creativity and fine motor skills. Different colors of beads can be used to create a pattern. They can be used for gifts as well, to teach the gift of giving.


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