Tips for Photographing Your Baby

My daughter, Bethany, and I are sharing simple tips for photographing your baby at home. Photography has never been easier and it so much fun to capture those special moments of your sweet baby’s life as they speed by. The pictures you take can look amazing! We are not professionals but we love photograhy. We . . . Read More: Tips for Photographing Your Baby

Top Nine Pregnancy Apps

I’m pleased to have Bethany Barkey guest posting today. She is my daughter and mother to my first grandbaby. (We are excited!) We expected our little Ruby to arrive yesterday…literally! Bethany has been talking about all of the apps she has enjoyed during the last nine months, so I’ve invited her to share them with . . . Read More: Top Nine Pregnancy Apps

Meaningful Mother’s Day Ideas – from a Dad

I am pleased and proud that my huband, Doug, is guest posting and sharing meaningful Mother’s Day ideas. He has always been a thoughtful guide as he taught our girls to show honor and love to their mother. I have been blessed to be on the receiving end of the deal. They no longer need . . . Read More: Meaningful Mother’s Day Ideas – from a Dad

Swirl Pancakes and more for International Pancake Day!

In honor of International Pancake Day, we are making swirl pancakes. Similar to funnel cakes, these are made with less oil and make a crisp pancake. Cooking with kids and having breakfast together is a great way to connect and make a memory. Do you have a favorite pancake memory? My mother made Micky Mouse . . . Read More: Swirl Pancakes and more for International Pancake Day!

Post-it Note Book

A fellow parent educator gave our group these adorable little post-it note books. She simply made a cute cover for a post-it pad. I thought they would make fun books for our kids to make that would encourage them to write. However, they could also be used as a little Mother’s Day gift or . . . Read More: Post-it Note Book