Dice Cards for Preschool Games

Dice cards are great to use with preschool games.

I created some dice cards when I couldn’t find any large dice for a game and small ones wouldn’t work. My budget really doesn’t allow for me to buy large jumbo dice to give to the preschool kids in my program, but these work great!

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Body Count ~ An on-the-go math game


This little non-competative counting game is amazingly simple and requires no objects. It teaches counting with one-to-one correspondence and cardinality. It is perfect for the kinesthetic learner who needs to move. Plus it is suports motor development. It can be played practicially anywhere and can be easily adapted to your child’s learning level. . . . Read More: Body Count ~ An on-the-go math game

Balloon Hockey

Balloon Hockey is a game that gets the kids moving and is perfect for a winter day. Just a few items are needed for fun and invigorating play!

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On-the-go Word Games

Many of us are on the go and are commuting with kids in tow. Car time is a perfect time for simple language games. These little word games are fantastic for language development, perfect for conversation, and for connecting with kids too. As simple as they are, they will enhance your child’s language development.

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Name Games

My parents are frequently looking for ways to help their children learn to spell and write their name. We find these simple activities to be helpful. They work easily in the home or the classroom.

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