Mittens…a winter craft for kids!



It is mitten season! This is a quick and easy craft that even toddlers can make. Choose favorite colors and stickers to decorate these simple mittens. Read a mitten story for a literacy connection too!

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Post-it Note Book

A fellow parent educator gave our group these adorable little post-it note books. She simply made a cute cover for a post-it pad. I thought they would make fun books for our kids to make that would encourage them to write. However, they could also be used as a little Mother’s Day gift or . . . Read More: Post-it Note Book

“Away We Go – A Shape and Seek Book”

“Away We Go” is written by Chieu Anh Urban. My copy is a board book that is sturdy for little hands to explore and enjoy. This book teaches shapes and helps kids make the connections that shapes are found everywhere in the environement.

A shape is presented in the leading question. For . . . Read More: “Away We Go – A Shape and Seek Book”

A Spring Gift

We have been planting lettuce seeds and I hear they are sprouting. Some of the older kids have made these cute little planters for their seeds. The options are limitless and I thought you would enjoy them too. They make a fun Mother’s Day or teacher appreciation gift. You only need simple, inexpensive supplies . . . Read More: A Spring Gift

On-the-go Word Games

Many of us are on the go and are commuting with kids in tow. Car time is a perfect time for simple language games. These little word games are fantastic for language development, perfect for conversation, and for connecting with kids too. As simple as they are, they will enhance your child’s language development.

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