Play Dough Snakes


We made adorable play dough snakes! They are full of creativity, color theory, fine motor skills, and fun.

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Water Target Play


Is it exceptionally hot where you live? Water play is refreshing when the temperatures soar. This activity is a combination of science, physics, motor skills, cause and effect, and fun. Plus it is beyond simple. We had a great time with water target play!

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Play and Learn with Bugs


Bugs! It’s that time of year the bugs are out and (most) kids love to play with them. We found a large bag of plastic bugs and there are many ways to play and learn.

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Let Us Plant Lettuce!

We are ready to celebrate a hint of Spring by planting lettuce. Planting seeds is a perfect way to teach science, language, literacy, and it incorporates other skills as well. I like planting lettuce because the kids can eat the sprouts and mature plants.

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PVC Pipe Play

One of our local home improvement stores is having a going out of business sale. I bought some PVC pipe at a great price for toddler play. You may not be comfortable letting small children play with this product and that is fine. In Missouri, this material can be found in state accredited preschool classrooms. . . . Read More: PVC Pipe Play