DIY Seashell Frame – Use those shells!

We love going to the ocean and since we live far from one it is a truly special. We always arrive home with at least a handful or two of shells and other beach treasures. Rather then let them sit on a shelf or in a jar, we made a custom seashell frame. These shells . . . Read More: DIY Seashell Frame – Use those shells!

Play Dough Snakes


We made adorable play dough snakes! They are full of creativity, color theory, fine motor skills, and fun.

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Water Target Play


Is it exceptionally hot where you live? Water play is refreshing when the temperatures soar. This activity is a combination of science, physics, motor skills, cause and effect, and fun. Plus it is beyond simple. We had a great time with water target play!

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Play and Learn with Bugs


Bugs! It’s that time of year the bugs are out and (most) kids love to play with them. We found a large bag of plastic bugs and there are many ways to play and learn.

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Let Us Plant Lettuce!

We are ready to celebrate a hint of Spring by planting lettuce. Planting seeds is a perfect way to teach science, language, literacy, and it incorporates other skills as well. I like planting lettuce because the kids can eat the sprouts and mature plants.

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