Cooking with Kids – Apple Empanadas

We are baking apple empanadas!


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Turkey of Leaves ~ a Craft for Thanksgiving

Our fall has been beautiful this year! The colors of the trees have been exceptionally vibrant. Leaves can be used to make a cute little turkey for Thanksgiving.

First, take a walk to enjoy the great outdoors. Rustle through the leaves, enjoy the smell of fall in the air, and make a memory with your . . . Read More: Turkey of Leaves ~ a Craft for Thanksgiving

Gourds and Googly Eyes

Googly eyes are an arts and craft staple in the preschool world. We love adding them to gourds and pumpkins to decorate them for Halloween.

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Play Dough Monsters

Play dough monsters can be whipped up in no time and work well as a Halloween party activity. The supplies are minimal and play dough is cheap to make.

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DIY No-Sew Wings

With Halloween just around the corner and Christmas quickly approaching, your little angel or fairy princess may need DIY no sew wings to make their costume spectacular. I found this video tutorial for inspiration and here are our tips to make DIY costume wings.

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