DIY Seashell Frame – Use those shells!

We love going to the ocean and since we live far from one it is a truly special. We always arrive home with at least a handful or two of shells and other beach treasures. Rather then let them sit on a shelf or in a jar, we made a custom seashell frame. These shells . . . Read More: DIY Seashell Frame – Use those shells!

Pool Noodle Round-Up ~ Activities, games, crafts


Pool Noodles provide summer time entertainment in the pool, but they can be used for year round learning and fun. This post shares a variety of pool noodle activities that promote learning, motor skills, and social skills. Plus they are just plain fun. So stock up on pool noodles at the end . . . Read More: Pool Noodle Round-Up ~ Activities, games, crafts

Water Target Play


Is it exceptionally hot where you live? Water play is refreshing when the temperatures soar. This activity is a combination of science, physics, motor skills, cause and effect, and fun. Plus it is beyond simple. We had a great time with water target play!

. . . Read More: Water Target Play

A Crown of Grass

To celebrate summer time we’re making a crown of grass. This craft was inspired by Ms. Lora from our local library’s summer preschool story time. She made this crown with our preschoolers. The kids loved it and they looked adorable. It requires only basic supplies and a wide age group . . . Read More: A Crown of Grass

Simple Swimming Pool Games


The heat is on and these simple swimming pool games are cool and fun. They are perfect for any summer day or a pool party. Our local pool limits the number of pool toys and inflatables; and these ideas require very few props and toys. As always, supervision around water is . . . Read More: Simple Swimming Pool Games