How Many Hearts? (A Valentine Math Game)

This a valentine game for preschoolers. It is simple and easy to set up. It can be competitive or non-competitive. It can be played by a single child or you can have multiple game boards for a group. This little Valentine’s Day game will teach your little person basic math concepts too.

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Pumpkin Guts

It’s pumpkin time!

We are going to explore a pumpkin inside and out.

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The Quiltmaker’s Gift

The Quiltmaker’s Gift will forever and always be one of my top five children’s picture books. The author is Jeff Brumbeau and the illustrator is Gail de Marken.

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M&M’s are Marvelous & Magical

Have you ever been taken your special little guy or girl to a ball park, airport, bus station, sale barn, and an expected short wait has stretched to an eternity? Everyone has become bored, wiggly and just plain tired. M&Ms can become a source of learning and entertainment.

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