Duct Tape for Kids

Duct Tape is an essential tool in our household.

When I was growing up I accidentally broke my Barbie’s leg off when she was doing the splits. I tearfully took the doll to my dad hoping he could work a miracle.  He didn’t disappoint! He duct taped the leg back on. My Barbie had a permanent silver skirt and I was happy.

The great thing about duct tape today is all of the colors. You don’t have to settle for a simple silver skirt! It is a great tool for preschool activities too.

It can act as a book binding. I staple pieces of paper together, then run a strip of duct tape along the ‘spine’ to secure the pages and to act as a protectant against the pointy ends of the staples. It strengthens the child’s ‘book’ so they can carry it around a bit longer too:

It can reinforce the sides of a plastic bag for paint-in-a bag:

When I make home-made shape sorters  I use duct tape to reinforce and soften the edges of the opening. This is a plastic coffee can made for kids to put cubes into. It’s a very basic introduction to a shape sorter.  This one has been well used, and it is always a hit.

I use it to seal containers that become learning tools. This is a Parents as Teachers activity for very young babies. You place rice or beans in the container for stability, place a high contrast, black and white picture on the side, and place it next to new baby. It provides visual stimulation for the baby. I use the duct tape to seal the container:

Duct tape just isn’t for dads and kids. It’s for mom’s too!

When I have it on my desk it becomes a cup holder:

It also can  be a quick fix hem for jeans. It really works!

These are just a few ways that I use duct tape at school and at home. If you have unique ways that you use this great product please share it in the comments below!

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