Easter Egg Decorating ~ Resist with Stickers

Easter Egg Decorating with stickers for a resist effect

We decorated Easter eggs using dye and stickers, then we peeled off the stickers for a resist dye effect. A couple of years ago we decorated eggs using a similar technique with hot glue. This is a bit more kid friendly and very simple to do.

Supplies for Egg Decorating:

  • boiled eggs
  • stickers
  • Easter egg dye of your choice (This is Paas dye from Walmart.)

Start with boiled, dry eggs:

Easter egg resist - the eggs


Place stickers of your choice on the eggs and really press them on so that there aren’t any gaps. We found that smaller stickers worked better on the curvy surface.

Easter Egg Decorating - apply stickers.jpg

Then drop them into the dye!

Decorating Easter eggs - drop in the dye.jpg.jpg

The colors were so vivid! We let them sit in the dye for at least ten minutes because we wanted the colors to be dark.

Easter Egg decorating - resist with stickers.jpg

They looked great. We weren’t sure if the stickers would stick, but they did!

Easter Egg Decorating using resist with stickers.jpg

I have no idea why this one had a spattered look, but we liked it…

Easter egg decorating - blue egg.jpg

Let the eggs dry thoroughly, but don’t let the stickers dry completly. We found that they came off much easier if they were still a bit wet.

Easter Egg Decorating with stickers and dye.jpg

Then we dropped them into another dye so that the white part of the shell was colored a different color; plus it changed the first color a bit too.

Easter Egg Decorating using stickers and resist.jpg

The outcome was a bit rustic and unexpected, but we liked them!

Easter Egg decorating using stickers to create a resist dye effect

The combinations are limitless. It is a wonderful opportunity to experiment with color theory and creativity.

Have fun decorating Easter eggs together!

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