A “Mary” Christmas in a Martha World

What are your favorite Christmas memories? Can you remember what gifts you gave and what gifts you received last year or the year before?

We have been asking ourselves these questions. Our schedule has been crazy, our daughter is getting married on January 2nd, my dad has been in treatment for cancer, and we still want to enjoy the holiday. Illness and a child getting married makes me want to reevaluate what is important.

A Mary Christmas in a Martha World - creating a meaningful Christmas


Our family celebrates Christmas as the birth of Jesus. We’ve been talking about the story of Mary and Martha. Martha is busy hustling and bustling about the home while Jesus teaches. She becomes frustrated because Mary isn’t helping with the chores. You can read about it here. Jesus tells Martha that Mary has chosen that which cannot be “taken away” from her. In the context of Christmas…I’ve been thinking about our family and what can’t be taken away and how that can help us focus on a more meaningful Christmas. We have had our Christmas struggles! 

This year to simplify and create a more meaningful Christmas we are:

  • Not putting up a Christmas tree, but I am decorating with lights and the Nativity since Jesus is the light of the world.
  • Volunteering at our local community Christmas dinner a few hours Christmas Eve day
  • Not purchasing gifts for everyone. We are drawing names and then filling that person’s stocking
  • Staying home Christmas Day
  • Baking cookies for the wedding and freezing them on Christmas Day

What I wish we had done when our girls were little:

  • I wish we had encouraged fewer toy gifts and more gifts to their college fund
  • I wish we had given better thought to the holiday activities we particpated in
  • I wish we had completed simple community service projects
  • I wish we had a completed meaningful advent calender
  • I wish we had not lost focused on Jesus as the reason of the season

Our suggestion to you:

  • Thank carefully about your holiday activities. Will they cause stress as you rush the kids to keep up? Are they meaningful to your family or just one more obligation? Do they teach the Christmas story?
  • Keep a daily routine and make sure the kids get plenty of rest. My mother says, “Everything looks better after a good nights rest.”
  • Don’t over schedule the family. Say ‘no’.
  • Choose advent calendars that focus on Jesus’Birth like Truth in the Tinsel (affiliate link) or giving back and thankfulness. JDanielfour’s mom has a great one on Blessings
  • As a family, choose a simple service project, it doesn’t have to be major. It is important to teach children to give.
  • Keep Christmas activities simple. I will list a few below from the blog that are very easy.
  • Help your children to limit the number of toys on their lists. If they have a long list have them pick their top 2 or 3 toys, then boost the college fund

Think back to your childhood. What is your most happy memory? Many times it isn’t what we get or do but it is the people that make the memory.  As a family, evaluate the holiday. Is the focus on the birth of Christ or the busyness of the world around us? Is our family choosing what can’t be “taken away”. Changing family traditions isn’t easy! But if needed, be encouraged. Make the change. Decide: What can’t be ‘taken away”.

Hope you all have a very “Mary” Christmas!

Christmas Resources

Truth in the Tinsel – an extensive e-book with Christmas crafts and lessons that focus on Jesus’birth

Christmas Candy Canes 

Christmas Tree Fingerprint Tree

Nativity Blocks and link up of many activities that focus on the birth of Jesus!

A book about Jesus birthday is “Guess Who’s Coming to Our House”


Photo Sources ~ The Nativity


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  • Sandy Fincher

    Great thoughts and ideas Kristi! Here’s an advent calendar idea I enjoyed doing when our kids were little. I drew a Christmas tree on a large green paper, cut it out and hung it up. It was numbered 1-25. Each day the kids would open up an envelope and find a Christmas picture inside. The pictures were cut out from old Christmas cards. I would have a Scripture on the back of the picture to look up together. Lastly, we would tape the picture to the tree on the appropriate number to match the date.

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